Windshield Pouch

Leather Wind shield Pouch made to mount on wind shields with a metal frame across center of shield.
Harley Davidson and other model motorcycles wind shields  have this metal frame with bolts in center usually one but sometimes 2 or 3 to mount pouch bag on.
A bracket is offered to mount the bag to center bolt so bag cannot spin or move.
Metal is in the back of bag to keep from drawing away or sagging, metal is covered and not seen.
If there is two bolts in center of shield then two holes are drilled in the back for bolts to go through..
Sometimes the metal bar is low on wind shields and cables are in the way. What we do for that is build a riser on back with metal and cover with leather so it can be then be bolted on 1 or 2 holes.
Turn catch closer  or 2" wide Velcro is offered to keep bag closed.
Studs chrome plated solid brass are a decorative option  plus Braid and more are offered
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5 1/2 Inch Windsheild Bag Studs
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5 1/2 Inch Windshield Bag w/ Turn Catch
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5 1/2 Inch Black Plain WindShield Bag
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4 1/2 Inch Windshieldbag TurnLock
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