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Triumph Leather Saddlebags
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Saddlebags for Triumph America and Speedmaster
Curve top Lid is featured
 Saddlebags are All Leather Construction of 9-10 ounce veg tan Leather hand dyed Black or other color.
Reinforce with Metal aluminum Plate. Backs are Heavy Leather with a solid plate riveted together.
Sometimes bent to conform around shocks or swing arms for different motorcycles.
Bottoms have a Metal plate to keep gusset from moving or dishing.
Lid Tops are reinforced with Metal plate formed to fit, Flaps are not.
Top of Faces are reinforced with aluminum plate to keep edges stiff.
Hardware and rivets are solid brass chrome or nickel plated.
All Saddlebags are priced as pairs.
Top edges of gusset are folded and reinforced with metal between leather.

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