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Belt Skull & Bones Medallion

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Leather Belt, 1 1/2" Wide Black with Chevron Pattern embossed in Leather
Made of 9/10 ounce Leather Vegtan Cowhide
Skull &Bones Medallion concho 1" diameter spaced 4" apart  
Medallions are secured with a post coming through hole and peen over smooth
1 Medallion in front on Keeper
The amount of Medallions depends on size of belt
Plain Silver Buckle is Included 
Snapped so Buckles can be change
6" is the over lap or tongue from center hole of size
Choose waist size which would be your pants size we then add 2" to the Belt size
For instance we add 2" to a 36" waist to make the belt a 38 which is 44" long total 

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