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Concho Leather bottle holder

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Concho Leather bottle holder
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Concho Leather bottle holder for Motorcycle Handle bars 1"
with plastic clamps for 1" ,1 1/4" or 7/8" diameter bars , 1" is standard 
If bars are other than 1"diameter round Please e-mail when purchased
Usually mounted on handle bars but can be put on any round bar
Bottle holder is reinforced where clamp is, with a metal plate aluminum
to keep rigid so no sagging away.
Will last for years of use 
USA handcrafted  made by Lutzs Leather
Black color is standard   ( other colors are special orders)
9 to 10 ounce Leather is used
Dimensions 4 1/2" tall , 3 1/2" round
stainless bolts are included for mounting