Flamin  Switchblade Pegs, Male Mount

Flamin Switchblade Pegs, Male Mount

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We ve added a flamin new style to our comfortable Switchblade Peg. The flip-out heel rest makes a huge difference on those long rides. The Flamin Switchblade makes a great addition to our Flamin Pegs and ISO-Flame Grips.

Comes With Male TAPERED mount
for Harley davidson and Kuryakyn peg mounts
Pegs are standard mounts for Harley Davidsons and Kuryakyn peg mounts.
If your Motorcycle is not a Harley Davidson then a different mount is required.
See Adapters ( Tapered or Splined) in same category for correct adapter for your motorcycle.
To get the adapter $16.95 price insert number of adapter in text area of adapter.
Note - not all motorcycle adapters are available if not on list

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