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Pilot Pegs with Stirrups and Male Mount

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Pilot Pegs with Stirrups and Male Mount
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Our superbly designed stirrup arm, with its smooth radius & built-in heel guard, prevents melting the heel of your boot on the front pipe when resting your weary ridin' feet.
Comes With Male TAPERED mount for Harley davidson and Kuryakyn peg mounts
Pegs are standard mounts for Harley Davidsons and Kuryakyn peg mounts.
If your Motorcycle is not a Harley Davidson then a different mount is required.
See Adapters ( Tapered or Splined) in same category for correct adapter for your motorcycle.
To get the adapter $16.95 price insert number of adapter in text area of adapter.
Note - not all motorcycle adapters are available if not on list

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