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Tool Bag 1

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Made by Lutzs Leather
Motorcycle Tool Bag 4" x 4" x 13",12",11",10",9 and 8" multi lengths for different places to store
2 Straps with roller bar center bar Buckles wrapping around and sewn on whole body
Velcro under flap to keep Flap from shifting in wind
Back,Sides and front are reinforced to keep  straight
Leather is Chrome tan Black 6 to 8 ounce thickness or 3/32" to 1/8" or 2.39mm to 3.18mm
Most common Place to mount is on Fork tubes (pictured) State the fork outside measurement in box 
We use one strap to weave in and out around tubes and buckle on inside, lace is used to tie to tree fork so bag can't slide down
Lace is only used if strap is under tree fork (pictured)
Handlebar Mount is usually done with Plastic zip ties or lace (one on each side of handle bar clamp one on around riser)
Make Sure there is room for travel because bag should not hit fender it will dent or mark the paint

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