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Combo Set
Combo Set

Water Bottle & Pouch Combo

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Your Price: $100.00
Water bottle and Pouch for rear bar Road King
Part Number: 2379
Availability: Back Order Free Shipping
Combo both side Set get 2 for 1 Price
 Bottle Holder and a Side Pouch made by Lutzs Leather
Bottle Holder  3 1/2" round and 7" high to fit a 24 ounce bottle beverage or container
Pouch is 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 7" high with 
 Velcro closer Flap with tabs on side to keep rain out
Big enough to put your hand in to retrieve items
Fitment goes on the Rear Roll Bar of Harley Dressers and Road King
Up to 2013 year  
 2014 will be a different part number
All Leather construction
Turn Catches are used 
So bag never comes loose or falls off
Tight fitting so it does not slide around  or rub paint
Fits Right Side and Left

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